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Procedures For Registration/Endorsement: Under Belize Flag

1. Regular Registration

Find here below the needed application documents for the regular registration of a vessel under Belize flag:
  1. A clear and readable copy of all previous flag certificates: Registry/Minimum Safe Manning/Radio Station License/continuous synopsis record
  2. A readable copy of previous flag International Tonnage certificate
  3. A readable copy of the existing Cargo Ship Safety Radio/DOC/SMC/ISSC certificates
  4. Signed /stamped application forms (x5): (see attached)doc1 doc2 doc3 doc4 doc5
  5. Notarized Bill Of Sale
  6. Confirmation from vesselís Radio Accounting Authority (AAIC)
  7. Confirmation from vesselís classification Society
  8. Confirmation from Recognized Organization which will issued Statutory certificates on behalf of Belize Government
  9. Notarized Power of Attorney (attached)
  10. IMO identification number for the registered Owners company under Belize flag
  11. A confirmation that the vessel had a third party liability insurance cover (P&I cover)

2. Permanent Registration

Find here below the needed application documents for the Permanent registration of a vessel under Belize flag:
  1. Original or true certified copy of Notarized Bill of sale
  2. Original Deletion certificate from vesselís previous flag
  3. Original or true certified copy of the Power of Attorney (legalized and apostille)
  4. Copies of valid statutory certificates issued by R.O. on behalf of Belize flag
  5. Application for maritime ship station license (this documents must be completed/stamped/signed by vesselís master or radio operator along with vesselís classification surveyor): see attached
  6. ITCí69 issued by R.O
  7. DOC/SMC/ISSC certs issued by R.O. on behalf of Belize flag

3. Endorsement for Officers

Find here below a list of documents applicable for issuance of Endorsements for Officers serving on a vessel flying Belize Flag:
  1. Completed Application Form (attached)
  2. Valid National Passport
  3. Valid Seaman's book
  4. Certificate of Competency (COC)(Copy of valid Certificate of Competency issued by a Maritime Administration listed in the IMOís White List)
  5. Medical Fitness Certificate The medical examination has to be carried out by a dully certified doctor not more than six (6) months prior the date of making the application)
  6. Declaration Dully signed by the Application (form herewith attached) (With this document the applicant declares that he has carefully studied and understood the contents of the present Statutory Instrument S.I.99 of 1999 that he will carry with him every time that he serve on board Belize flagged vessels.)
  7. Passport Size Photographs (Total 6) (The photographs must be taken within one year preceding application. (or a photograph by e-mail)
  8. Copy of the Statutory Instrument (No.99 of 1999) is here with attached for your reference.