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Procedures For Registration/Endorsement: Under St. Vincent Flag

1. Regular Registration

Find here below the needed application documents for the regular registration of a vessel under St.Vincent flag:
  1. Application for registration
  2. Copy of notarized Bill of Sale
  3. Copy of the good standing certificate for the owning company
  4. Copy of DOC/SMC/ISSC certs to be submitted by the issuing organization or confirmation from authorized organization that same is being issued ( if applicable)
  5. ISM code declaration of company if applicable
  6. Recent Non Encumbrance certificate from the present registry
  7. Copy of International Tonnage certificate 1969
  8. Confirmation from the classification society that the vessel is in class without outstanding and had valid statutory certs
  9. Accounting authority identification code (A.A.I.C) / P.S.A. confirmation from the authority that they are setting the radio traffic accounts
  10. All continuous synopsis records certs copy
  11. Company security officer declaration
  12. Confirmation from authorized organization that the interim ISSC is being issued

2. Permanent Registration

Find here below the needed application documents for the Permanent registration of a vessel under St.Vincent flag:
  1. ORIGINAL Deletion Certificate from the previous Registry
  2. Copy of Last CSR issued with the Deletion Certificate in order to proceed with the new CSR
  3. ORIGINAL or certified true copy of Bill of Sale Notarized
  4. Original Ship’s Carving and Marking Note filled and stamped by Classification Surveyor (submitted with provisional registration documents)
  5. Original Application form
  6. Copies of Class and Statutory certificates including the interim safety management certificate
  7. Certificate of entry from the vessel’s P&I (Third Party Liability, Cargo & Crew)
  8. Original Radio Installation survey report filled in and stamped by classification surveyor (submitted with provisional registration documents)
  9. Original Epirb Registration Form

3. Endorsement

Find here below a list of documents applicable for issuance of Endorsements for Officers serving on a vessel flying St.Vincent Flag:
  1. Completed Application form
  2. Copy of valid STCW ’95 appropriate certificate of officer issued by a “white list” administration
  3. Officer’s valid medical fitness certificate
  4. Six (6) colour photographs of passport size (or colour photograph by e-mail)
  5. Copy of officer’s valid national passport
  6. Copy of officer's valid seaman passport
  7. Copies of the training certificates

Kindly note that all the above mentioned documents must be notarized.